About Us

Nerve and Muscle StaffBingham Nerve & Muscle (formerly EMG Clinics of Tennessee) specializes in state-of-the-art nerve and muscle testing (electromyography or EMG). Our clinics have become the standard for accurate and comprehensive evaluations of the peripheral nervous system (the “electrical system” of the body). We evaluate patients with pain, weakness, or numbness.


Our friendly staff is committed to giving our patients the very best care. With new technology and the special techniques developed by Dr. Bingham, this test can be performed with very little discomfort for both adults and children. Our physicians, Ronald C. Bingham, M.D., and Miles M. Johnson, M.D., are board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Electrodiagnostic Medicine. Additionally, all the technicians are Certified Nerve Conduction Technologists. We have devoted our careers exclusively to electromyography and the evaluation of nerve and muscle disorders. This narrow focus has given our staff a unique depth of experience, allowing us to make an accurate diagnosis for our patients.


Bingham Nerve & Muscle (formerly EMG Clinics of Tennessee) was founded by Ronald C. Bingham, M.D., in 1989. Our clinics in Greenwood and Southaven are the only accredited EMG laboratories in Mississippi. We welcome patients with all forms of insurance including Medicare, TennCare, and TriCare.